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Adult Development Services

The Dorchester Board of Disabilities and Special Needs provides a variety of Vocational, Social and Recreational opportunities for people with intellectual and related disabilities throughout Dorchester County. Vocational Training Programs and Services are designed to enhance work-related skills offered in a variety of settings. The Dorchester County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs works closely with local businesses to provide work options in which participants have the opportunity to earn money while receiving training to increase job readiness skills. Our employment services offer people with intellectual and related disabilities the chance to work competitively in a variety of businesses with the support of trained personnel to provide assistance if needed.

Supported Employment

People are supported in community based jobs through our Job Coach program. Job Coaches work with consumers at various businesses to teach and help maintain skills needed to perform specific jobs.

Mobile Work Crews

Groups of consumers are supported with the help of agency staff as they work around the community at various businesses providing contract work lsuch as landscaping, janitorial services.


With the support of agency-staff, groups of consumers perform various jobs in places such as factories and warehouses . These integrated work settings provide opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to work side-by-side doing the same job.

Center-Based Services

Venture Industries provides a center-based work setting that provides social and vocational support. Participants work on in-house contracts and receive competitive wages for work performed on behalf of community businesses. This program is licensed by the Department of Labor.

Seniors Program (Day Activity)

We offer non-work activities for people who have reached retirement age and who choose to stop working. The activities are both center and community based.


Our Self-Advocacy group provides a forum for individuals with disabilities to get together to learn how to speak for themselves as well as how to make independent decisions. The group works to promote awareness of each individual’s rights and responsibilities through activities, projects and social events.

Picture of three consumers doing a vocational training activity

Picture of several consumers assembling boxes

Picture of a consumer doing janitorial work

Picture of consumers washing cars